GMP factory :
The former state-owned pharmaceutical manufacturing factory Panyu Shiqao Pharmacy was developed into Guangzhou Kanghe Pharmaceutical Ltd. (GKH) in 1960s. It has been established for more than 50 years. The factory was relocated to the Lotus Mountain in Guangzhou, the building was designed by British architects with a modern and environmentally friendly concept.
Energy saving and environmental protection design :
Automated shading system was introduced to control the amount of sunlight entering into the building and reduce energy used for air-conditioning.
Natural gas boilers were installed to increase thermal efficiency and reduce air pollutants emissions. Saving energy consumption not only can lower production cost, but also can help protect the environment.

Water quality :
Water purification system is used to acquire pure water for pharmaceutical production.
Ventilation :
Air quality filtration system is used to monitor and maintain the optimal conditions for pharmaceutical production.

Quality Inspection :
We have strict standard on all products, each batch of products undergoes strict quality inspection. All testing laboratories meet the highest national standards. We use imported instruments for inspection, including: high performance liquid chromatography, atomic absorption spectrometer, infrared spectrometer, thin layer chromatography scanner, gas chromatograph, etc.

Production equipment :
High-performance equipment is directly purchased from Taiwan's renowned manufacturers. It is used for manufacturing processes like low-temperature extraction of traditional Chinese medicine and fully automated operation. Active ingredients can be largely retained and energy waste can be minimized.

Quality Control :
The factory has obtained certificates of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for pharmaceutical products and therapeutic goods from China and from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia respectively.

Concentrated Chinese medicine granules :
Concentrated Chinese medicine granules (CCMG) is a new dosage form and is becoming more and more popular in Hong Kong, however, there are few local pharmacies having their own production lines in mainland China, GKH is one of the exceptions.
In the production of CCMG, low-temperature vacuum extraction and low-temperature vacuum concentration are adopted to avoid destruction of active ingredients and retain the colour of the raw medical materials. For instance, aromatic oil and the volatile oil can be effectively extracted with low-temperature methods and subsequently re-introduce into granules, in this way, active ingredients are preserved as complete as the raw medical materials, additionally, it is a safer and more convenient dosage form to take.

Production Process